The Rada registered a bill on Smart-FOP (Entrepreneur)

The Verkhovna Rada registered draft law No. 8226, which provides for the possibility for a sole proprietor who is a VAT non-payer without employees to choose a simplified system with a tax agent-bank.

This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov in a Telegram.

“The Rada registered bill No. 8226. It provides for the payment of taxes without interaction with tax and automatic reporting for IT specialists, marketers and other FOPs of the 3rd group. Previously, we saw the concept of the project. DIYA (Ukrainian electronic service of public services) will play an important role here,” he said.

The minister clarified that after the introduction of the document, it will not be necessary to keep records of income, file declarations manually and monitor tax payment dates. Having registered an FLP, you just need to submit an application in Actions in a few clicks and open a special bank account.

Further, it will automatically calculate the 5% single tax and the minimum ERUs, as well as provide the tax information on the receipt of funds. That is, everything will happen automatically without the participation of the entrepreneur or accountant.

“We have experience in developing automated services that make doing business easier. This is a quick registration of FLP, and paying taxes in a few clicks. But this, of course, is the next step in automation,” Fedorov is convinced.

As reported, since the beginning of the full-scale war, about 170 thousand new individual entrepreneurs have been registered.

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