Audit and accounting

Audit is an independent verification and evaluation of the financial statements of an enterprise by third-party specialists or companies. In other words, your company is checked by a specially trained person who reviews all financial or other documentation, and examines production or other business processes for compliance with the requirements of the law.

Mostly, in most jurisdictions, companies are required to undergo an annual audit. In different jurisdictions, the requirements for conducting an audit are different, for example, in Cyprus, all companies must be audited, regardless of whether they conducted activities or not. In the UK there is a turnover and number of employees threshold up to which a company is not required to audit.

The purpose of the audit is:

Accounting is a system for monitoring, summarizing, and reflecting the financial and economic activities of an enterprise in order to obtain reliable data on its activities.

The main tasks of accounting are:

When registering a company abroad, one of the obligatory points that you need to consider is the accounting and auditing of the company’s activities. This will avoid possible problems with regulatory authorities in the future and will become a tool for measuring the effectiveness of the company’s activities.

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