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US to Discuss AI Security with China

US officials are gearing up to address security apprehensions regarding China’s advancements in artificial intelligence during their scheduled discussions with Chinese representatives. According to senior administration officials who opted for anonymity, the meeting between US and Chinese representatives is set to take place in Geneva on Tuesday. This meeting, deemed by a senior official as […]
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Turkey Prepares to Introduce Taxes on Cryptocurrencies

Turkey is preparing to introduce taxes and full regulation of cryptocurrency assets, according to information from the Justice and Development Party of Turkey. Next week, the party plans to present a bill to parliament that will regulate cryptocurrency trading and the overall crypto asset sphere. According to the TGRT channel, cryptocurrencies will be supervised by […]
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Belgium Proposes EU Trade Sanctions Against Israel

Belgium has ignited a debate within the European Union regarding trade sanctions against Israel. This move comes after Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that pressure from leaders of other countries would not deter his nation’s efforts to defend itself. He emphasized that “if Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone.” This development highlights the […]
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Co-founder of Law Firm Tied to Panama Papers Scandal Passes Away

Ramon Fonseca, co-founder of the now-defunct law firm embroiled in the Panama Papers scandal, passed away overnight in a hospital, as confirmed by his attorney to Reuters on Thursday morning. “Since the beginning of April, he had been under hospital care,” shared Fonseca’s lawyer, Guillermina McDonald, in a phone conversation, refraining from disclosing details regarding […]
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Updates on Pillar 2 Guidance and OECD Commentary

The Singapore Inland Revenue Authority (IRAS) has recently introduced a comprehensive section on its website dedicated to providing foundational insights into Pillar 2 regulations. In addition to this initiative, they have also uploaded user-friendly slides to aid in understanding these rules. Moreover, PwC has issued an alert regarding the recently released OECD Consolidated Commentary and […]
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