Co-founder of Law Firm Tied to Panama Papers Scandal Passes Away

Ramon Fonseca, co-founder of the now-defunct law firm embroiled in the Panama Papers scandal, passed away overnight in a hospital, as confirmed by his attorney to Reuters on Thursday morning.

“Since the beginning of April, he had been under hospital care,” shared Fonseca’s lawyer, Guillermina McDonald, in a phone conversation, refraining from disclosing details regarding his ailment.

“Due to his hospitalization, he was unable to attend the hearing,” McDonald mentioned, alluding to a court session held in early April to review Fonseca’s alleged involvement, along with around twenty others, in suspected money laundering. A verdict and sentence in this matter are pending.

Expressing her condolences, Fonseca’s niece Carolina Fonseca stated on X: “His wisdom and remarkable ideas will forever resonate with us. Rest peacefully, dear uncle; you will remain in our hearts.”

No specifics regarding the funeral arrangements were provided by McDonald.

Mossack Fonseca, Fonseca’s legal firm, gained notoriety in 2016 following the leak of confidential documents unveiling accounts held in tax havens, implicating individuals such as Argentine President Mauricio Macri, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, and Argentine football icon Lionel Messi.

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