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Bank Accounts

In the current realities, a bank account for both a company and an individual is an urgent need, it is like a tool for paying bills on vacation for a family, receiving funds from freelancing, paying under a contract with a partner, banks are necessary for our life and work. Keeping your savings in the bank – you get a safe, in which your funds are always safe and insured by the state.

In turn, banks can be divided into three groups: large and famous, medium and offshore banks.

The first group of banks includes the largest and oldest banks, which after decades have earned their reputation and are trusted by millions of customers. Such banks, mostly international, have a billion-dollar capitalization. These banks include: HSBC, JP Morgan, Barclays, Bank of America, City Bank and many others.

The second group of banks includes mid-level banks, they are usually located locally, in the country of registration and do not go beyond its borders. Such banks are less visible and more friendly to their customers, as they are interested in moving into the first group, replenishing the margin of safety and reputation in the form of new customers. These banks include: Fia Banka (Czech Republic), KELER Központi Értéktár Zrt (Hungary), Bulgarian American Credit Bank (Bulgaria) and others.

The third group of banks includes those that were registered in offshore zones (BVI, Seychelles, etc.) or sanctions were imposed on them. These are the banks that are more likely to open an account for you without a deep verification procedure, may not work correctly, not all banks and companies will want to cooperate with them.

Turning to our company, you will gain full support at all stages of opening an account, save yourself from wasting time on studying questionnaires, conditions, and guarantee yourself a minimum probability of failure when opening a bank account.


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