Company Formation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, often referred to as the Pearl of the Orient, is divided into four sectors: Hong Kong Island, New Territories, Kowloon, and the Island. It stands as Asia’s foremost financial center, benefitting from its naturally deep waterways. Covering an area of 1104 square kilometers and housing a population of over 7 million, the city thrives in various sectors including retail, journalism, property, banking and financial services, commercial trading, and individual servicing. It holds a pivotal role as a global trade hub, wielding substantial influence in finance, trade, and shipping, fostering connections with countries and organizations worldwide. Hong Kong is renowned for safeguarding legal and economic interests from diverse regions while seamlessly integrating Eastern and Western cultures, embodying Chinese wisdom within a Westernized system.

Acknowledged for its transparent governance, robust public safety, open-market economy, and comprehensive legal system, Hong Kong presents an ideal landscape in Asia for company formation. Deep Blue Business Services Ltd offers comprehensive company formation and registration services to entities aiming to establish a corporate presence in Hong Kong.

The advantages of registering a company in Hong Kong encompass:

  1. Flexible company naming conventions, with the requirement to conclude with “有限公司” or “LIMITED.”
  2. No restrictions on business scope, as long as activities align with legal parameters.
  3. A straightforward tax system boasting a low tax rate of 16.5%, necessitating annual profit tax reporting and employer tax reporting.
  4. Unrestricted currency exchange and free movement of company finances facilitated through Hong Kong’s banking system.

Post-incorporation obligations include:

  1. Annual audit: A mandatory yearly procedure involving the preparation and submission of the Annual Return, renewal of the Business Registration certificate, provision of a registered office in Hong Kong, and the appointment of a Corporate Secretary annually.
  2. Tax reporting:
    • Company Profit Tax reporting within 18 months of incorporation, which includes zero tax reporting or detailed tax reporting requiring proper accounting records, financial statements, and tax procedures similar to those in China.
    • Annual Employer Tax return reporting, involving reporting for employees or zero employee reporting.

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