Cyprus Foreign Ministry Priorities for 2024 Year

Cyprus’ integration into the Schengen Area and the Visa Waiver program stands as a paramount objective for the Foreign Ministry in the upcoming year, according to Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, who made this announcement on Tuesday.

During the presentation of the 2023-2024 action plan for the ministry, Kombos highlighted that the foremost priority, ranking at the top of the agenda, remains contributing to a resolution of the Cyprus issue.

Presenting the 2024 budget of the foreign ministry to the House finance committee, Kombos revealed a total budget allocation of €112 million, marking an 8.9 percent increase (€9.1 million) from the 2023 budget. This increase is tied to the anticipated ‘upward trend’ coinciding with Cyprus’ upcoming presidency of the Council of the EU in the following years.

The major budgetary increments for 2024 include €4 million designated for the operational expenses of diplomatic missions, €3 million for Unficyp, €1.9 million for expenses related to permanent diplomatic staff, and a €0.7 million contribution to international organizations.

In his post-session remarks, Kombos highlighted Cyprus’ significant potential for growth, alongside its formidable challenges. He underscored that the country’s foreign policy strategy centers on safeguarding the Republic of Cyprus, fostering conditions conducive to reunification, and leveraging its status as an EU Member State across various domains.

Kombos emphasized the importance of bolstering Cyprus’ already strong relations with neighboring states, aiming to broaden regional multilateralism through tripartite agreements and positive international branding.

The Foreign Minister stressed the necessity of further strengthening and preserving Cyprus’ close ties, emphasizing ongoing efforts to reform and restructure the ministry. He noted significant strides already taken in this regard, with a clear implementation plan in place.

Kombos also highlighted the upcoming Cypriot Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2026 as both a challenge and an opportunity, signifying a pivotal moment for Cyprus on the international stage.

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