Establishing a Foreign-Owned Company in Romania

For international investors looking to enter Romania’s thriving market, understanding the ins and outs of setting up a company in this Eastern European gem is crucial. This detailed guide serves as your roadmap, offering valuable insights into the process, benefits, taxation system, financing options, and key tips for starting a company in Romania.

Advantages of setting up a company in Romania

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Romania boasts significantly lower administrative costs compared to many other European countries, making it an attractive prospect for foreign investors. The absence of large official fees and taxes at the stage of company establishment reduces financial barriers.
  2. Simplified registration process: Company registration in Romania is simple and efficient. With the ability to complete the registration in less than three months, as well as accelerated options available for businesses that do not have a fixed location, the administrative burden is significantly reduced.

Process of formation company in Romania

  1. Business definition and preparation: This stage involves formulating a clear business idea, developing a detailed business plan, raising sufficient capital for start-up, and identifying a competent management team. At this time, our team of specialists will prepare a full package of documents for submission to the Romanian Chamber of Commerce. This stage involves submitting all the necessary documents and starting the registration of your future business.
  2. Completion of registration: After receiving the documents from the registration chamber, your company must be officially registered in the VAT system. This involves providing detailed information about the business, defining the type of company and activities, and determining the company name and address.
  3. Maintaining company documentation: After registration, ongoing compliance and administrative tasks come into play. These include establishing the company’s management structure, appointing key personnel, opening a corporate bank account, and organizing the required annual general meeting.

Prerequisites and stages of registration company in Romania

Taxation of the company.

Understanding the tax landscape is crucial for strategic financial planning:

The favorable tax regime for companies in Romania, characterized by competitive rates and benefits, is attractive to businesses seeking to optimize their financial costs.

Timeframe for setting up a company in Romania

While the registration process usually takes three to six weeks, expedited options allow for completion within three to four days. The absence of long-term commitments contributes to a quick registration, which allows you to quickly enter the market and start operating.


Different sources of financing cater to the diverse needs of potential business owners:

Travel for company in Romania establishment isn’t mandatory, remote registration services offer convenience and accessibility, with subsequent business hosting facilitated at designated business centers across Romania.

Embark on Your Romanian Entrepreneurial Journey

Armed with this comprehensive guide, foreign investors are well-equipped to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in Romania with confidence and foresight. From navigating regulatory landscapes to optimizing financial strategies, every aspect of company establishment is meticulously addressed, paving the way for a successful and prosperous venture in this vibrant European market.

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