Finnish company Membrane Finance has launched a fully licensed stablecoin

In Europe, they released the first fully licensed stablecoin, which has the name “EUROe”. This is the first product of its kind in Europe. This coin was created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain, where it is pegged to the euro at a ratio of 1:1. One of the most important characteristics of this stablecoin is that it was designed to solve the problem of costly and time-consuming payment settlements.

The creators of EUROe hope that it will support near-instantaneous transactions with almost zero cost anywhere in the world. According to Membrane Finance representatives quoted by, this euro-based regulated stablecoin aims to mainstream decentralized finance, gaining trust from users who were previously discouraged by the cryptocurrency’s volatility.

Membrane Finance has been operating on EUROe for two years and has received a license from FIN-FSA to ensure its legitimacy in the stablecoin segment. The license will also help the company comply with future MiCA regulations, which are expected to lay the foundation for the world’s most stringent digital asset system.



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