How to reduce taxes for the company and optimize finances?

How can you reduce the tax burden of an LLC within the framework of the law?

Paying taxes is a significant expense for any company, including LLC’s. However, there are several legal ways to reduce the tax burden and ease the financial burden on the company’s budget. In this article, we will consider recommendations that are applicable to LLCs in almost any country.

  1. Tax deductions for LLC:
    Each country provides certain tax deductions for which the company can claim. These may be benefits for social business, reduced VAT for the production of certain goods, such as medicines, as well as the possibility of exemption from paying VAT when interacting with other companies in the country or within the framework of a trade union (for example, the European Union). It is recommended to discuss specific tax deductions with accountants familiar with the legislation of the country of registration of the company.
  2. Special economic zones (SEZ):
    Many countries provide benefits for companies registered in special economic zones. These benefits may include exemption from value added tax, customs duties or income tax for a certain period. Entry into the FEZ can be beneficial for an LLC, especially if it attracts investment in a certain industry.
  3. Benefits for employees:
    Some countries provide easy tax payment conditions for companies that attract investments in the necessary industries. This may include reduced tax rates or a simplified tax system for employees. Benefits may also be granted when hiring certain categories of employees, such as disabled people or young specialists.
  4. Writing off expenses for a personal car:
    If the company uses a personal car for the realization of its business goals, then it is possible to transfer the costs of its maintenance to the LLC and write them off as business expenses. However, it is important to take into account exactly when the car is used for business purposes, and when for personal needs, in order to avoid tax problems.
  5. Depreciation of new assets:
    In some countries, it is possible to write off the full amount of expenses for the acquisition of company assets, such as machines or computers, as depreciation to reduce the tax base. This can be especially useful for start-up companies.
  6. Expenses for subscriptions and services:
    Expenses for subscriptions, services and services, such as newsletter services, accounting software, CRM, can be deducted from the company’s taxable base. If the company works from home and uses a personal phone for work, you can write off part of the phone expenses as business expenses.
  7. Home office expenses:
    Small businesses that work from home can include part of the cost of maintaining the workspace in their business expenses. For example, the cost of electricity for a computer, rent for used meters, can be considered company expenses.
  8. Interest on loans:
    If the company took out a loan for the purchase of assets or the provision of working capital, then the interest on the loan can also be considered as an expense of the company, which will reduce the tax base and reduce the income tax.
  9. Use of freelancers and external contractors:
    Delegating part of the tasks to freelancers and external contractors can reduce the costs of wages and social taxes, since the payment of services to freelancers is written off as an expense of the company.
  10. Transfer of LLC to another jurisdiction:
    If the current jurisdiction does not provide sufficiently favorable conditions for business, the company may consider transferring to a country with a more favorable tax regime and business environment.

It is important to note that each country has its own peculiarities and taxation rules, therefore, before applying any tax strategies, it is recommended to consult with professional experts familiar with the legislation of a specific jurisdiction.

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