Massive Singapore Police Raid Exposes Criminal Group with Multi-Citizenship Ties

In a significant anti-money laundering operation last week in Singapore, ten individuals were arrested as law enforcement seized cash, valuables, and automobiles with a collective value of nearly one billion dollars.

Singaporean police have disclosed information regarding the members of this criminal syndicate, revealing them to be Chinese nationals with familial and friendly connections. Interestingly, among the several citizenships held by these criminals, Chinese citizenship stands out.

According to police reports, each individual possessed 2-3 passports, primarily obtained through investment citizenship programs from Cyprus, Turkey, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Critics of the concept of investment citizenship in the EU and the US promptly seized upon this incident as validation of their arguments – passports are being ‘purchased’ not for the purpose of relocating to a country, but for facilitating criminal activities; compliance during application reviews holds little value.

Curiously, none of the countries that issued these passports have intervened on behalf of their ‘citizens’. Moreover, Cyprus has already initiated the process of considering the revocation of citizenship for two members of the criminal group.


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