Migration to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in Southeastern Europe. The population as of January 2022 is 6,827,262. 1.27 million people live in the capital. The climate in Bulgaria is characterized by dry hot summers (average temperature 23 degrees C) and cool winters. In the northern regions of the country, due to the influence of the Balkan Mountains, the average temperature is slightly lower than in the rest of Bulgaria.

Two climatic zones influence the weather in Bulgaria. The temperate continental climate covers its main territory. Winters are cold with heavy rainfall, while the summer months and September are hot.

The south of the country is under the influence of Mediterranean air masses and a breath of fresh sea breeze is constantly felt from the sea, so the heat is easy to endure.

This country is called a paradise, surprisingly combining the beauty of snow-capped mountains and extensive coastal resorts.

Bulgaria is a fairly developed country compared to other countries, however, so far its economic condition does not allow it to lead among the countries of the European Union. In the 1990s, several serious economic crises occurred in Bulgaria. However, today, there is stable, large economic growth, at least 5% per year.

Education in Bulgaria is based on the Bologna system. Diplomas of education obtained in the country’s higher schools are quoted in almost the entire English-speaking world.

Medicine in Bulgaria is paid both for citizens of the country and for foreigners. But the payment for medical services is calculated in different ways. First aid is provided free of charge.

Temporary residence permits in Bulgaria can be issued for 1 year and then every year will need to be renewed if the basis is valid in the future. The right to such permanent residence arises after 5 years of residence in the country, provided that during these 5 years the foreigner legally resided in the Bulgarian territory and was not absent from the republic for more than 30 months at the time of application. After another 5 years, you can apply for citizenship. To do this, you need to know the Bulgarian language, have an official income in Bulgaria, and be ready to renounce your citizenship.






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