Migration to Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus occupies the southern part of the island of Cyprus, located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The population of the republic as of January 2022 is 1,229,262 people. The capital Nicosia has a population of 276,410.

The island has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers (average +30°C) and mild and humid winters (average +15°C). At the same time, the west coast is cooler than the east coast. Cyprus has two mountain ranges: Kyrenia on the north coast and Troodos on the southwest.

Cyprus, being a member of the EU and using the Euro as its official currency, offers a low cost of living and an exceptionally favorable tax regime. One of the leading sectors of the economy is the service sector. The island has excellent conditions for recreation. Cyprus attracts investors with rather low real estate prices, in comparison with other EU countries, which makes it possible to obtain permanent residence or citizenship.

In 2019, a medical reform was introduced in Cyprus, after which the National Health System was introduced, which allows residents of the republic to get free (or partially subsidized) access to medical services and services in public and private medical institutions.

Regarding the education system, Cyprus is in the top three EU leaders in the same position as Denmark and Sweden in terms of the share of education costs in GDP (7%). All children have the right to education, regardless of the basis on which their parents live in the country. The education system is divided into 4 levels – preschool education, primary, secondary and higher education.

They teach in educational institutions of Southern Cyprus mainly in Greek. In private kindergartens, schools, and universities, there may be teaching in English or another foreign language, but with a mandatory minimum of Greek lessons. In universities, classes are conducted in Greek, English, and Turkish.

A temporary residence permit in Cyprus can be issued, as a rule, for 1 year. After 5 years of residence on the island, you can apply for permanent residence, and after at least 2 years – for citizenship. Documents for citizenship are considered for a long time, from 1 to 3 years.






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