Montenegrin Immigration Authorities Welcome Digital Nomads with Temporary Residence Permits

In an exciting development for digital nomads worldwide, the Montenegrin immigration authorities have officially announced that they are now issuing temporary residence permits (TRPs) and D Visas to eligible individuals in this unique working lifestyle. This move opens up new opportunities for remote workers to experience the picturesque landscapes and rich culture of Montenegro while continuing their employment in their home countries.

The term “digital nomads” refers to individuals who receive salaries and benefits from their employers in their home countries but have the flexibility to work remotely from another country or even multiple countries. Until recently, digital nomads were not allowed to earn remuneration in their host countries. However, Montenegro’s new policy aims to attract these global professionals and provide them with an opportunity to work in the country for extended periods.

To be eligible for the D Visa, individuals who require a visa to enter Montenegro must apply at the Montenegrin embassy or consulate in their country of citizenship or residence. The D Visa allows digital nomads to work within Montenegro for up to 180 days in a year. For those who wish to stay longer, either D Visa holders who plan to work as digital nomads for 180 days or more or individuals who are already lawfully in Montenegro can apply for a TRP at the offices of the immigration authorities.

Applicants for the D Visa or TRP must provide proof of employment with an employer based outside of Montenegro. Additionally, they must demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves and have adequate medical insurance coverage, among other requirements.

One of the significant benefits for digital nomads in Montenegro is the exemption from personal income tax. D Visa and TRP holders are not required to pay personal income tax in the country, making it an attractive destination for those seeking tax advantages while enjoying the country’s beauty and lifestyle. Furthermore, digital nomads with qualifying dependents can bring them along and obtain dependent permits, enabling their family members to reside in Montenegro.

It’s important to note that digital nomads with D Visas or TRPs are limited to working for employers outside Montenegro. Those who wish to set up their own companies or work for Montenegrin employers must obtain a different immigration status before engaging in such activities.

This move by Montenegro aligns with a global trend that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries have introduced visas and permits to accommodate remote workers, acknowledging the growing popularity of this lifestyle. Non-Montenegrin employers that embrace teleworking now have Montenegro as a potential destination for their employees seeking remote work opportunities.

As the world continues to embrace remote work, Montenegro’s welcoming stance towards digital nomads will likely attract professionals seeking new experiences while maintaining their careers. With its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and favorable tax policies, Montenegro has positioned itself as an appealing option for those in the digital nomad community.

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