New Requirements for Naturalization on Cyprus


Changes have been made to the naturalization law. Previously, the minimum period of legal residence in Cyprus to apply for naturalization was 7 years. Now this period has been extended to 8 years. Additionally, in the last 12 months before submitting the application, the applicant must not be absent from Cyprus for more than 90 days.

The main changes include the following points:

  1. The applicant must meet certain characteristics:
    • Clean criminal record both in Cyprus and abroad.
    • Not being wanted by Europol and/or Interpol.
    • Not being subject to sanctions.
    • No illegal residence in Cyprus.
    • Illegal border crossing with Cyprus is excluded.
  2. a. Proficiency in the Greek language at the B1 level is required. The exam is conducted in writing and is one of the key requirements. b. Adequate understanding of the basic aspects of modern politics and social reality of the republic is required.
  3. It is necessary to own or rent a residential place for oneself and one’s family. Economic independence with regular stable income is also required.
  4. When calculating the period of stay in Cyprus, the following period is not taken into account: a. In the status of permanent or temporary protection (asylum). b. In the status of a student.

In addition, a new law on naturalization for citizens legally residing in the republic and engaged in employment is coming into force. Its requirements include:

  1. Individuals working in companies designated by a decision of the Council of Ministers may apply for naturalization.
  2. Citizens with knowledge of the Greek language at the A2 level have the right to apply for naturalization after 5 years of residence, and at the B1 level – after 4 years.
  3. Family members of the applicant may also apply for naturalization or be naturalized simultaneously with them if they meet certain criteria.
  4. A child who reaches the age of majority during the consideration of the main applicant’s application is considered a minor for the purposes of naturalization and may be registered as a citizen of the Republic.
  5. Applications for naturalization submitted before the entry into force of the Population Registry Law (amendments) of 2023 will be considered in accordance with the new provisions of this Law.

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