Slovenia Introduces New Regulations for Single Permits and Residence Permits

In a move aimed at enhancing efficiency and attracting a wider range of applicants, the Slovenian authorities have recently unveiled updated regulations concerning Single Permits and residence permits. These amendments, released in late May 2023, bring significant changes that impact both Swiss nationals and family members of nationals from Switzerland, Slovenia, and EU Member States. The new regulations aim to streamline the application process and modify certain permit requirements.

Under the recent amendments, individuals who were issued residence permits on or before 12 February 2022 must obtain new residence permits, issued in an updated format, by 3 August 2023. This requirement applies to Swiss nationals and family members of nationals from Switzerland, Slovenia, and EU Member States.

Key developments of the new regulations include the following:

  1. Simplified Fingerprint Submission: Applicants seeking an initial Single Permit or residence permit are no longer required to wait for a notification from immigration authorities before submitting their fingerprints. They can now schedule an appointment with a Slovenian embassy or consulate to submit their fingerprints after submitting their application.
  2. Job and Employer Change: Single Permit holders are no longer obligated to obtain permission from both employment and immigration authorities before changing their job or employer in Slovenia. They can now proceed with the job change after obtaining permission from the employment authorities only.
  3. Proof of Subsistence: Single Permit and residence permit holders are now only required to present proof of subsistence, such as bank statements, during the initial application and renewal processes. The requirement to provide proof every six months has been eliminated.
  4. Fingerprints for Renewal: Single Permit and residence permit holders seeking renewal are no longer required to submit their fingerprints as part of the renewal process.
  5. Mail Delivery of New Permits: Once the change is implemented later in 2023, Single Permit and residence permit holders whose renewal applications are approved will receive their new permits by mail, eliminating the need for in-person collection from immigration authorities’ offices.
  6. Language Proficiency Certificates: Starting from 1 November 2024, applicants seeking to extend their Family Reunification temporary residence permits will be required to present Level A1 Slovenian language proficiency certificates. Level A2 certificates will be necessary for new permanent residence permit applications. Additionally, all applicants for new Single Permits or residence permits, as well as extension requests, will be eligible for free Slovenian language courses.

The impact of these amendments is expected to benefit employers and applicants alike, streamlining and expediting the application process. By removing certain requirements and introducing flexibility, these changes aim to attract a broader pool of applicants and facilitate a smoother transition for those seeking employment or residency in Slovenia.

Employers should familiarize themselves with these updated regulations to ensure compliance and take advantage of the improved application process. By embracing these changes, employers can tap into a larger talent pool and contribute to the growth of Slovenia’s diverse workforce.

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