The collective wealth of cryptoinvestors has passed the trillion dollar mark

The collective wealth of crypto investors has reached the multi-trillion dollar mark. Of the total 88,200 crypto millionaires, nearly half (40,500) hold their assets in bitcoins. According to the Crypto Wealth Report from Henley & Partners, the total market value of cryptocurrencies is $1.180 billion and there are 425 million cryptocurrency holders worldwide.

The study found 182 crypto sentimillionaires (with $100 million or more in cryptocurrency assets), 78 of whom hold their main assets in bitcoin. Six of the 22 crypto billionaires amassed their fortunes trading bitcoins.

Bitcoin and Ether together hold about 65.2 per cent of the market. This compares to the combined market shares of the next three cryptocurrencies, which are 7.6 per cent, 2.9 per cent and 2.5 per cent respectively.

The Henley & Partners report, originally specialising in migration issues, also provided a list of countries best suited for crypto millionaires to live in. The ranking includes 26 countries, assessed on 29 indicators.

The top 10 countries in this ranking are:

  1. Singapore
  2. Switzerland
  3. UAE
  4. Hong Kong
  5. USA
  6. Australia
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Canada
  9. Malta
  10. Malaysia


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