The European Parliament proposes to simplify obtaining permanent residence for citizens of third countries

The European Parliament proposes to simplify obtaining the right to permanent residence in EU member states for citizens of third countries. According to the current rules, in order to obtain the right to permanent residence, it is necessary to live legally for at least 5 years, while it is impossible to leave the member state for a period of more than 6 months per hour, and the total period of absence should not exceed 10 months for the entire period of stay. The European Parliament proposes to reduce the mandatory period of residence to 3 years and allow residence in several member states to meet the requirement of permanent residence.

In addition, the introduction of new criteria for determining the presence of “sufficient means of existence” is proposed. According to the new rules, citizens of third countries will need to demonstrate that they have sufficient means of living throughout their stay in the EU, as well as protection from poverty and social exclusion.

If the new rules are adopted, they will enter into force by February 2024. However, for the entry into force of the new rules, it will be necessary to obtain the consent of the EU member states, which will have to adopt the new rules into national legislation.

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