The UAE is introducing a flexible work permit system for freelancers.

The United Arab Emirates will introduce a new flexible work permit system that will allow employees of all specialties and qualifications to work at their place of residence. This was announced by the Minister of Human Resources and Emiratization of the UAE, Abdul Rahman bin Abdulmanan Al Awar.

This new policy for foreign work is aimed at increasing the number of the workforce in the country and will complement the set of economic reforms that are being implemented in the UAE. Currently, an employee in the private sector must have a contract with one or more employers. In the future, he will be able to work for himself, performing the required amount of work at a time convenient for him.

The minister noted that the new flexible remote work model will benefit both companies in the UAE and employees. He also added that through the introduction of remote work, the ministry intends to double the existing 24,000 jobs this year targeted by the Nafis Emiratisation programme.

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