Ukrainian electronic signatures and seals on digital documents can now be verified in EU countries

The European Commission has published a list of countries that have joined the TC AdES LOTL list. It contains information about electronic signatures and seals of non-European Union countries that can be verified in EU countries. Ukraine has become the first country to enter this list.

With the help of the TC AdES LOTL, software in EU countries can automatically verify signatures and seals on digital documents and confirm their authenticity. As a result of successful verification, the user will receive a message “AdES signature” or “AdES seal.” It is considered that such electronic signatures have legal force and comply with the requirements for advanced electronic signatures or seals.

This is an important step towards mutual recognition of qualified trust services, which will take place after the conclusion of an international agreement. The day before, the European Commission conducted a technical assessment of the legal and technical components of Ukrainian electronic signatures and confirmed that the Ukrainian infrastructure meets all EU requirements to be part of the EU trust list.

The European Commission has also recognized that the Diia.Pidpis-EU meets the eIDAS regulation of the European Union and can be used to sign documents or contracts that are valid both in Ukraine and in EU countries.

For its part, Ukraine has already recognized the qualified trust services of the EU. This allows EU citizens to use their national qualified certificates for electronic signatures or seals in Ukraine or when doing business with companies in Ukraine.

Work to integrate the trust list of Ukraine and the EU has been carried out with the support of the EU-funded project “EU4DigitalUA.”

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