Western Countries Urge UAE to Enforce Sanctions Against Russia

The United States, Britain, and the European Union are urging the United Arab Emirates to demonstrate its commitment to enforcing sanctions against Russia in light of the conflict in Ukraine, according to informed sources. Officials from these countries recently visited the UAE to coordinate efforts to prevent sanctioned goods from reaching Russia. They specifically requested detailed trade information and measures to curb the export of dual-use goods with potential military applications. While the UAE confirmed bans on certain products essential for mitigating the conflict in Ukraine, no evidence was provided regarding the implementation of export controls. Concerns persist about UAE companies potentially facilitating the transfer of sanctioned goods to Russia, prompting speculation of further sanctions against offending entities. Despite international pressure, Russia has managed to acquire dual-use products through third countries. The UAE, while maintaining its economic ties with Russia, has condemned the invasion of Ukraine and engaged in diplomatic efforts to aid prisoner swaps between Russia and Ukraine. Western officials are also seeking clarification on the oversight of UAE’s free zones and the compliance of its financial institutions with anti-money laundering and sanctions regulations. While the UAE has made efforts to strengthen its anti-money laundering practices, it remains under scrutiny by the European Parliament for deficiencies in its framework to counter money laundering and terrorist financing.

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