What is international tax planning?

Tax planning is the search and selection of the optimal scheme of the company’s activities, which allows to achieve a minimum tax burden by using legal means, techniques and methods to minimize the taxpayer’s tax obligations and achieve the greatest benefit for the company.

Tax planning is perhaps one of the most important factors in a company’s financial success.

In international tax planning, a special place is occupied by the registration of companies in other jurisdictions (states) in order to obtain tax benefits or, in general, to avoid taxation.

IMPORTANT! You should not use foreign companies and structures solely on the basis of tax considerations without a real economic reason. In this case, the business expects negative consequences.

What are the benefits of international tax planning?

Unlike optimization of taxation within one jurisdiction, international tax planning allows you to significantly expand the choice of possible options for doing business, consider the use of various taxation systems, obtaining benefits and preferences.

You can significantly minimize taxes or get tax incentives in exactly the type of activity that interests you most.

Many foreign jurisdictions offer easier registration and also have fewer audit and accounting requirements.

When choosing the jurisdiction that is best for you, you need to consider the following legislative hierarchy:

When developing a tax optimization scheme for the foreign part, our company carries out the following activities:

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